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Morning and painting before 8:00 AM

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Well – That’s interesting. again and again and again. It is so funny to run ip address lookups. Greeting to the Pretzel Capital of the World. I have last years stats too. OCD?

Drawing and making marks

Energy flow is picking up. New friends, associations and enthusiasm. ©2015 WBeauchamp Red Rock AZ

silent night…

©2015 William C Beauchamp

There has a been a lot of hostility displayed in our country for a number of months. It isn’t doing anyone any good at all and the stress levels in the United States are rising. I hope that you are with your family and that you are taking care of each other. I’d ask you to look back in history to the Civil War and with your insight and wisdom – I’d like to ask you to look at Gettysburg and let me know who won? Who really won? Nobody did. Many died or were injured based on the principles of their leaders. I wish that everyone could take a solid look at the battlefield photos. Peer versus peer. Brother versus brother. A waste of life and limb. Blood running on the field. 

Please get a hold of yourself and your emotions and let Christmas be a time of peace. Love your family and let them love you back. Relax. Separate yourself and think of your future. Your child’s future. Your wife’s future. Stop hurting. Stop hurting others. Allow yourself to refresh your core beliefs. Let the goodness that you can see with your own eyes enter your life. Peace on earth. Good will to all beings.  12/21/2014  9:01:02 PM MST

A very lucky little bird… dangerous business


©2015 Beauchamp

Our Sun Conure, Baboo Birdie, took advantage of Rudy the Westies bad behavior in running out the front door to produce sufficient lift to gather momentum and depart the earth’s gravitational bonds. She flew out the door. AND… not just a little. This bird was up and gone. Nowhere to be found. We looked for her for hours and as night fell so did our hopes of locating this little parrot. About the size of a Jay with slightly longer tail feathers and finger feathers on her wings.

We had never had any problems with the bird before. No escape attempts. No flights into a closed glass patio or deck door. Just a hop back and forth between my shoulder or Sue’s from the top of her cage or play stand. But despite all the lack of indication of trouble… she was gone.

Sue went onto the local pages at Facebook and the good people of Red Rock responded. We thank each and every one of them. Specifically the sighting that gave us any hope that the bird was still alive. The night prior was cold and wet and I was pretty sure that she’d have been gone from exposure to the elements. Worse than the cold was the potential of being consumed by one of the Sonoran Desert’s sizable Raptor population. I saw an Owl the other day and seem to continually see a flow of Red Tails and Coopers Hawks. This little orange and yellow puff ball would only be an appetizer to one of the larger birds.

Been seeing plenty of Ravens of late. Only one or two at a time flying over with their distinctive “gronk”. These are only the aerial threats. I saw a black cat in the edge of the retention basin that night. Beady little yellow eyes. They would able to smell the bird as well as see it. We were driving from mailbox to mailbox putting some flyers up about the missing bird. Seeing that cat didn’t make me feel any better that night. We went back after all the pieces that we’d posted and trashed them after our bird was safely back at home. We had a couple nights of fog and incredible condensation that pretty much reduced the inkjet prints into watercolors.

Speaking of watercolors, we met the nice people at the Southern Arizona Art Guild that Sue and I have just become members of (referred to as SAAG) in Tucson this past Saturday morning. It seems that they have lots of interesting things going on. I look forward to seeing them again next time. It was a good program and presentation.

As with the above I have lots of stuff happening with the art and will be posting excerpts or drawings as I go. Somewhat traumatized as usual by the Holiday Season and Christmas is quite close and far, far, away at the same time. That might seem cryptic but it really shouldn’t. We all have memories. Call them ghosts if you like. A remembering of my grandparents, parents, brother and those family times. The Christmas cookies, fruitcakes, and dinners.  The stories. On the other hand I had several Christmas timeframes while living in Puerto Rico. We had black snow from the cane fields… Three Kings Day… The memories may lose some of their sharp focus but they don’t fade.  

©2014 William C Beauchamp - Finally... this is what I was talking about.

Plein Air today

Got to get outside into the environment

Temp is down and it is quite bearable to be outdoors. Done a lot of travel to find good inspiration. Got to say that I have done so.

What a great day it is today. Comfortable temperatures and a reduced population of mosquitoes. I was out on Sasco Road and looking over a good portion of the Red Rock community. I’ve never drawn or painted sagebrush, tumbleweeds, or the Palo Verde trees. The varying colors of sand and rocks make for an interesting change that I’ve never dealt with before. The foliage ground cover has a lot of varigation. Yellow green, Dark Olive green, then a red brown transition that then changes to gray. Some of the old growth has broken off and bleached out under the plant. These offer whitish bone-like contrast that is different and interesting in itself. Look for more sketches and photos that I’ll acquire as I find my way around the area.
©2014 Billl Beauchamp Sketchbook

Lots to do. I see that a storm is settling into the northern Midwest. It is very comfortable here. Lots to do. Need to fix my drawing board’s flat file draw so that it doesn’t pucker open because of the papers weight. If I can find my longer staples I’ll put down a bead of glue and staple the bottom to hold it tightly. That paper needs to be stored just right so that we avoid any deterioration or discoloration. I need to see some more sights and join some art/graphic organizations and get to know other people around here that do the same thing and have some of the same interests that I do.
©2014 Bill Beauchamp Sketchbook

Halloween 2014 in Arizona…

©2014 WC Beauchamp - Red Rock, AZ
© 2014 William Cauffiel Beauchamp & ©2014 Susan Beth Beauchamp

There is a house that has a very different feel along the way in here across from the bar and just across from that vintage AERMOTOR windmill. That house seems like someone grabbed it from back East and just plopped it right down in the farm where it lives. Add Picacho Peak in the background and you feel that it is a view of a very different place. Then… You add a couple of Palm Trees and you wonder what the story is and it seems like it is a TV or Movie set. Now add a bare sand and gravel field and it starts to look like Mars. Toss in some dead trees for props and…

Halloween was a little bit disappointing with the only doorbell ring being one neighbor and her kids. I felt kind of foolish as I kept encouraging Sue to get more candy because this is a big community and I was sure that we’d run out. We carved our pumpkin and took one of our fairly bright LED flashlights and put it inside. Looked good. Always fun to do. Looking forward to it yearly. This time the doorbell was very quiet.

Friday, 11/01/2014      3:25:25 AM  MST

The Jetstream is moving around above us now. Temps, even here, are going to drop to the 70s… 40s at night. If you know what you’re seeing – the battle is on. Warm wins.

All images above and throughout this blog – © William C Beauchamp 2014  & © Susan B Beauchamp 2014

What a beautiful day it was here. A nice mix of warm and cold weather clouds. Went to Oro Valley with Sue and she found the store that she was hoping to do a little shopping in. Got some coffee cups and a couple of trays. Brought my camera today and I was glad that I did. The high clouds were stark in appearance from late morning right on til dusk. The red sky was a dramatic end to a great day. And now here it is Halloween. Wishing all a happy day and fine evening. 

10/31/2014     3:01:01 AM PST

Sky Gradation Palette… great color…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 10/21/2014     7:35:51 PM  MST           All images ©2014 – 2015 William Cauffiel Beauchamp

I have sure enjoyed the Desert ventures into this area. The freight traffic on Union Pacific is phenomenal. We had a Dust Storm on Sunday that sure brought the feeling of the Old West alive. I’ve seen Russell and Remington’s paintings and the studies of NC Wyeth and his eventual use of the environment here in his pieces of historic quality – for instance the series for Cream of Wheat Advertising and his depictions of the halo around the sun in Winter – death. Saw it myself a couple weeks ago while in Picacho Peak State Park. To my surprise after living in the Wyeth country back in Pennsylvania, I am pleased to see the Turkey Vulture alive and well in the Arizona territory as well. The Ravens are great looking birds with a little bit of beard on the neck in addition to the crow look. Generally the Ravens are a larger more solid bird than the Eastern Crow. Much more to come and my drawing boards are really going to get a workout here. Every single day has had a distinctly separate feel from the morning the day before and the night will start to give clue as to where sunset is heading dramatically. New cues for me. 

Looking forward to making friends here and having some folks to work with while maintaining on a higher level of consciousness. 

Seven very quick years…

Happy Seventh Wedding Anniversary to you my Sue -

Lots of positive things going on here.  Looking forward to all the wonderful new places that await our exploration. The compass is spinning a little. Sure have enjoyed the past few weeks. Great to get out and draw. Your company was awesome. It always is. I sure like the new Strathmore Visual Journals that we picked up. Making marks. Thanks for being my wife. I love you more with every day that passes. About time to file a flight plan… Red Rock perhaps.

©2014 WBeauchamp

Sue ©2014 WBeauchamp

Mill ©2014 WBeauchamp

Warming up out there… Been drawing trees…

Springtime in Bucks County. Been taking shots of Caroline and her boyfriend as they were headed off to the Prom. Couple of product shot scenarios, doing drawings and still have some Doctor appointments to catch up with. My ulcer on my right leg healed completely – as much as it can at least – and I can get out and walk/hike now and look forward to it. I had really wanted to get back down to the shore before it got all crowded but Memorial Day is so close that the possibility seems pretty remote.

The borderline between the the higher stratus and the lower summertime cumulus has been going back and forth. We are looking at some potential flooding in the area later today with thunderstorms possible. Heavy rain will wash a lot of that pollen out of the air and make allergies easier to deal with for a few hours until the mold spores kick up in response to the wet weather. Baboo the amazing Sun Conure has her flight training finished and just needs a couple of the Sectional Charts to stay out of the MOAs. Trenton Mercer County Airport traffic is up quite a bit and while it was always very quiet here in the Holland-Newtown area you really can see a lot more flight training going on. Air traffic seems to be changing a bit with more helicopters than ever. 

Hopefully I will be back with some new announcements regarding art in the next week or so. I shot the cumulus cloud below out here earlier in the week. More tomorrow.  05/16/2014  1:22:14 AM.
Thunder possible ©2014 WC Beauchamp

Working on a bunch of new images at once…

Been drawing for months now and will be completing a series of new pieces this Summer. I’m working on farms in this area and I’m going off on some seashore themes with some very detailed Starfish drawings. I’m sorry about the fuzzy little cropped preview but line art is often “borrowed” on the internet. So you try to protect your stuff from theft.©2014 William C Beauchamp

Meanwhile, I keep moving around the images to keep things interesting. The image shown is part of a fleet of five Sugar Starfish that exist on an original that is larger than 18 x 24 inches. I like it a lot but it just isn’t finished yet. Getting close though…

While I’m writing, I’d like to welcome Liza to the Beauchamp family. I hope that my son Jon & his wife Liza have a wonderful life together. All the best hopes and wishes. I’m proud of you both and we love you.

Your Dad & Sue. Yay.   April 01, 2014,   1:34:12 PM

Some Images…

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Getting outside to draw Pine trees early in March…

(c) 2014 William C. Beauchamp

Went drawing in Newtown yesterday with Sue. I brought my big spiral bound pad of nice paper and Sue had one of our Landscape shaped sketchbooks. We had gone from a hazy sun over to a general overcast but we were drawing anyway. It was still cool and we have snow in lots of places and some turf visible here and there. So we drew pines for almost an hour or so. Working from in the van is the most comfortable way this time of year. I needed about fifteen minutes more and I’d be in the vicinity of done. Usually I’m pleased when the sun comes out but on this day – it totally changed my perception of the trees that we were looking at. So we packed it in. Drove around a bit and saw some nice but fleeting color scenarios that literally morphed before your eyes. That put an end to those also. Then we started seeing deer. Seems that anytime I bring my camera while drawing Plein Air (on location ) the camera is more of a hindrance than a help. But every time that I leave it home I have lots of shot opportunities and wish for it. Last evening at dusk, from one spot to another we must have seen 25 deer. They were all does and in herds of perhaps 8 or 9 animals each. They were after some fresh shoots of grass in those turf areas I guess.  For those ruminant animals this has been a very long, cold, winter eating buds off the ends of limbs. Next few days will be warming up and hopefully they will find more food. It was good to get outdoors.

Yesterday I was doing my drawing with a graphite stick and a couple regular pencils as well as some mechanical pencils. No erasers were allowed. Anyhow… I drew the pines until that light changed and I wanted to move elsewhere to find new subjects. Will be doing this more and more as it gets warmer. I will keep drawing and will keep everyone posted about when I will be putting some of my Starfish series up for sale as well as my old Ford Tractor drawing. Lots to stay busy with at this point.

March 06, 2014     4:53:21 PM

“Making the Donuts…”

There used to be a few commercials with a mustached actor in an Apron who played the picky “Sam Breakstone.” A character who was always high strung… and ended up being attacked by a Jack Russell Terrier in his store. Humorous stuff. Multiple commercials – same guy, same little dog going nuts. He also played the proprietor of a Dunkin’ Donuts and would stagger around at all kinds of odd hours to “make the donuts…” Make the Donuts…

“Neil used to head for the darkroom saying “make the donuts…” Loading film holders and such”

Last week I lost a friend that I’d worked with during my entire Advertising career. I mourn the passing of Photographer and my friend, Neil R. Molinaro, most recently of Reading, PA. Neil and I worked on some sweet projects together. Neil did a great job working with me for many years. I guess the biggest thing that Neil ever shot for me was when SmithKline Beecham had Tagamet gaining the indication for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and I had sold a concept of a dragon breathing fire up the patient’s esophagus to cover the feeling of severe Acid Heartburn.

This offered an opportunity to build an enormous burner to duct propane through a coil to be ignited as a huge flame issued from the Dragon that a prop maker built for us. Neil always had a good bit of pyromaniac in him and this project intrigued him. I believe he put up a large set of 4 x 8 foot fireproof panels and had those in turn covered with foil. Each time he’d fire off that burner you’d hear the foil crinkling and waving in the hot updraft. That whole series was fantastic thanks to Neil’s great work. That was done for Salthouse Torre Norton in New Jersey in conjunction with then Art Director Gail Berlese. They are called McCann Healthcare or such now.

I grew up in Summit, NJ and in July there was a big Carnival held by the Mount Carmel Guild in Berkeley Heights, NJ. It was a couple weeks after the Fourth and it made any fireworks afficionado very happy. The Grand Finale at those shows was nothing short of a military firefight. OMG. Fireworks that you felt as well as saw. Impressive. I looked at one of the guys getting ready for the show soon after I’d met Neil and he was there holding a flare over by the mortars. I don’t remember his full tie in with the show but there he was.

Neil and I had always meant to go Fluke fishing together and never did. Neil used to keep a small freshwater rod there in the studio and would go fish in the creek beyond their parking area in Cranford. It was just since New Year’s that Neil and I found each other again. I’m out here in Bucks County and he was Northwest of me out in Reading, PA.

I’m going to miss Neil – I’m glad that I knew him. I was at his Wedding with my ex wife just the day after severe thunderstorms and tornadoes rolled through Westfield blocking all the roads and taking out the power just the day before. I was glad to see Kelley in Facebook and Gia and Taz… (his daughters) – I remember the toddlers but these are ladies now and are so recognizable to me. Very pretty women. They look like their Mom. 

It’s a shame that it takes something horrible to bring out the good memories. I had unfinished business with Neil and I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing now… drawing everyday… it was some starfish today… I’m glad that I knew and had the chance to work with Neil. He’ll be missed. Somewhere, somehow – he’s out there “making the donuts…”

March 04, 2014   12:22:14 AM

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