Sonoran Desert is an incredible place…

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Monday night in Arkadelphia, Arkansas

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Moving forward nicely Westward now. Many miles covered today. The images in this slideshow are ©Sue Beauchamp and ©WC Beauchamp. Many feelings about the territory transition. The ground reaches up and talks to you. The plains with controlled burns going told their history pretty clearly. Seeing an Armadillo was a first time thing for me. The pinkish red sunset was phenomenal and showed more smoke rising from the agricultural burns.  Very beautiful sphere of the sun set tonight. We moved from I-40 over to I-30 as we passed the glowing taxiway and runway lights of Little Rock Airport and now we are seeing the signs to Hot Springs, Arkansas. So Pennsylvania into Delaware and Maryland, into West Virginia and Virginia across to Tennessee and into Arkansas. If you can do it… take off your blinders and just look at what this wonderful country has to offer. It is worth the effort and your viewpoint will be forever changed. We also drove into Central time this afternoon. The instruments automatically knew that we were in a new time zone. Love it. Need to draw though…

Last Sunday Morning in Wilmington, DE

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Seven very quick years…

Happy Seventh Wedding Anniversary to you my Sue -

Lots of positive things going on here.  Looking forward to all the wonderful new places that await our exploration. The compass is spinning a little. Sure have enjoyed the past few weeks. Great to get out and draw. Your company was awesome. It always is. I sure like the new Strathmore Visual Journals that we picked up. Making marks. Thanks for being my wife. I love you more with every day that passes. About time to file a flight plan… Red Rock perhaps.

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Warming up out there… Been drawing trees…

Springtime in Bucks County. Been taking shots of Caroline and her boyfriend as they were headed off to the Prom. Couple of product shot scenarios, doing drawings and still have some Doctor appointments to catch up with. My ulcer on my right leg healed completely – as much as it can at least – and I can get out and walk/hike now and look forward to it. I had really wanted to get back down to the shore before it got all crowded but Memorial Day is so close that the possibility seems pretty remote.

The borderline between the the higher stratus and the lower summertime cumulus has been going back and forth. We are looking at some potential flooding in the area later today with thunderstorms possible. Heavy rain will wash a lot of that pollen out of the air and make allergies easier to deal with for a few hours until the mold spores kick up in response to the wet weather. Baboo the amazing Sun Conure has her flight training finished and just needs a couple of the Sectional Charts to stay out of the MOAs. Trenton Mercer County Airport traffic is up quite a bit and while it was always very quiet here in the Holland-Newtown area you really can see a lot more flight training going on. Air traffic seems to be changing a bit with more helicopters than ever. 

Hopefully I will be back with some new announcements regarding art in the next week or so. I shot the cumulus cloud below out here earlier in the week. More tomorrow.  05/16/2014  1:22:14 AM.
Thunder possible ©2014 WC Beauchamp

Wow… a new daughter-in-law and I met a pretty baby too…

Miss Leah Beauchamp with her paternal grandfather William Cauffiel Beauchamp in  April 2014

Miss Leah Beauchamp with her paternal grandfather William Cauffiel Beauchamp in  April 2014

Miss Leah Beauchamp with her paternal grandfather William Cauffiel Beauchamp in  April 2014

Originally written April 11th and I was waiting to get some images that never arrived. The weekend of April 6th, 2014 was very special as my youngest son, Jon Beauchamp, and his fiancée Liza Krin were married Sunday afternoon in East Windsor, NJ. It was a lovely affair overseen by Liza’s Mom and Jon’s Mom and it all went very nicely.A tasteful interfaith service bonded Jon and Liza and I shot video of the ceremony as requested by Liza. Afterward, we had a nice Cocktail Hour and I was surprised to see my Cousin Tina Pritchard and her husband Jim up from Maryland. It was great. I saw my ex’s family – the Shelbys and was very glad to see one old friend Phil Moreira with his Mom there. Condolences to the entire family in the passing of my ex’s Dad, Mr. Wallace M Shelby formerly of Summit, NJ. The Cousins all had grown up so much that it was pretty difficult to tell who was who.

Time keeps moving. As long as I could find Liza and Jon… that was what mattered.The meal was absolutely delicious – all of the courses were quite tasty and I personally had the Prime Rib and my Dear Wife Sue had the Salmon. Good music choices were comfortable to dance with and despite my hearing which has changed pretty much for the worse over the past ten years… most of the music was at an okay level. It was a good time. I saw a precious blonde baby in my daughter-in-law Sheryl’s arms. It was my eldest son Thomas & Sheryl’s baby… my granddaughter, Leah. I’d only seen a couple pictures and finally here she was – for real.

What a beautiful baby. Best of all… they were headed toward our table. Table 12. Yay. I’d hoped that I’d meet her but wasn’t sure. What a great thing. I was asked what I thought of my granddaughter? “A beautiful child”. A living, breathing, replication of my DNA…  and it’s a girl and she is cute. Want to hold her? OMG… Do birds want to fly?  I SURE DO.  It was heaven. While I’d been looking forward to this moment all my life… I didn’t know til this very minute. Wow. I really do love babies.

I could feel her arch her back so I got her turned around and aimed toward her Mom and Dad so she wouldn’t be anxious and gave her a kiss on top of that pretty little head. You can see that she wants to draw and create. That opportunity has to happen. I have certainly got a lot of drawing to do. I really want to draw her portrait and draw some pictures while she watches. At least she could be aware that you can learn how to do that. It is actually something that anyone can learn to do and truly should. I shoot thousands of images over the course of a year and here I was meeting Leah for the first time and I didn’t have a camera with me.

My stepdaughter – Caroline was kind enough to shoot a couple shots that I’ve converted to B&W from color because the saturation went overboard on the iPhone… It converted “nicely” to black and white and that let me manipulate the shadows and highlights to find detail. So – Not the greatest image from the table but a commemorative image of that day, time and occurrence. 


Our Easter Eggs for 2014

©2014 William C Beauchamp

Sue and I went to a farm stand out in the Moreland area called Milkhouse Farm on Slack Road in Newtown, PA and bought some really nice organic eggs and brought them home to cook and add to the others she was coloring with natural dyes from veggies and fruits. The eggs that she got there are naturally a very light shade of blue-green gray from their Araucana Hens. A beautiful area and a splendid place to feel Springtime happening. Baby animals all over the place and lots of flowers. It was nice to have something different from the standard PAAS yellow boxed dye tablet colors. Always remember their cyan blue and the little copper octagonal dipping wand.

I am impressed with Sue’s inventive approaches to finding earth colors from natural sources. She placed all the eggs in a clear glass bowl of fresh pussy willow cuttings and we have that by the front door. It looks nice. So… I got a shot of it outside at dusk last night. Thanks Sue.

April 20, 2014  6:15:56 PM

Working on a bunch of new images at once…

Been drawing for months now and will be completing a series of new pieces this Summer. I’m working on farms in this area and I’m going off on some seashore themes with some very detailed Starfish drawings. I’m sorry about the fuzzy little cropped preview but line art is often “borrowed” on the internet. So you try to protect your stuff from theft.©2014 William C Beauchamp

Meanwhile, I keep moving around the images to keep things interesting. The image shown is part of a fleet of five Sugar Starfish that exist on an original that is larger than 18 x 24 inches. I like it a lot but it just isn’t finished yet. Getting close though…

While I’m writing, I’d like to welcome Liza to the Beauchamp family. I hope that my son Jon & his wife Liza have a wonderful life together. All the best hopes and wishes. I’m proud of you both and we love you.

Your Dad & Sue. Yay.   April 01, 2014,   1:34:12 PM

Some Images…


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Getting outside to draw Pine trees early in March…

(c) 2014 William C. Beauchamp

Went drawing in Newtown yesterday with Sue. I brought my big spiral bound pad of nice paper and Sue had one of our Landscape shaped sketchbooks. We had gone from a hazy sun over to a general overcast but we were drawing anyway. It was still cool and we have snow in lots of places and some turf visible here and there. So we drew pines for almost an hour or so. Working from in the van is the most comfortable way this time of year. I needed about fifteen minutes more and I’d be in the vicinity of done. Usually I’m pleased when the sun comes out but on this day – it totally changed my perception of the trees that we were looking at. So we packed it in. Drove around a bit and saw some nice but fleeting color scenarios that literally morphed before your eyes. That put an end to those also. Then we started seeing deer. Seems that anytime I bring my camera while drawing Plein Air (on location ) the camera is more of a hindrance than a help. But every time that I leave it home I have lots of shot opportunities and wish for it. Last evening at dusk, from one spot to another we must have seen 25 deer. They were all does and in herds of perhaps 8 or 9 animals each. They were after some fresh shoots of grass in those turf areas I guess.  For those ruminant animals this has been a very long, cold, winter eating buds off the ends of limbs. Next few days will be warming up and hopefully they will find more food. It was good to get outdoors.

Yesterday I was doing my drawing with a graphite stick and a couple regular pencils as well as some mechanical pencils. No erasers were allowed. Anyhow… I drew the pines until that light changed and I wanted to move elsewhere to find new subjects. Will be doing this more and more as it gets warmer. I will keep drawing and will keep everyone posted about when I will be putting some of my Starfish series up for sale as well as my old Ford Tractor drawing. Lots to stay busy with at this point.

March 06, 2014     4:53:21 PM

“Making the Donuts…”

There used to be a few commercials with a mustached actor in an Apron who played the picky “Sam Breakstone.” A character who was always high strung… and ended up being attacked by a Jack Russell Terrier in his store. Humorous stuff. Multiple commercials – same guy, same little dog going nuts. He also played the proprietor of a Dunkin’ Donuts and would stagger around at all kinds of odd hours to “make the donuts…” Make the Donuts…

“Neil used to head for the darkroom saying “make the donuts…” Loading film holders and such”

Last week I lost a friend that I’d worked with during my entire Advertising career. I mourn the passing of Photographer and my friend, Neil R. Molinaro, most recently of Reading, PA. Neil and I worked on some sweet projects together. Neil did a great job working with me for many years. I guess the biggest thing that Neil ever shot for me was when SmithKline Beecham had Tagamet gaining the indication for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and I had sold a concept of a dragon breathing fire up the patient’s esophagus to cover the feeling of severe Acid Heartburn.

This offered an opportunity to build an enormous burner to duct propane through a coil to be ignited as a huge flame issued from the Dragon that a prop maker built for us. Neil always had a good bit of pyromaniac in him and this project intrigued him. I believe he put up a large set of 4 x 8 foot fireproof panels and had those in turn covered with foil. Each time he’d fire off that burner you’d hear the foil crinkling and waving in the hot updraft. That whole series was fantastic thanks to Neil’s great work. That was done for Salthouse Torre Norton in New Jersey in conjunction with then Art Director Gail Berlese. They are called McCann Healthcare or such now.

I grew up in Summit, NJ and in July there was a big Carnival held by the Mount Carmel Guild in Berkeley Heights, NJ. It was a couple weeks after the Fourth and it made any fireworks afficionado very happy. The Grand Finale at those shows was nothing short of a military firefight. OMG. Fireworks that you felt as well as saw. Impressive. I looked at one of the guys getting ready for the show soon after I’d met Neil and he was there holding a flare over by the mortars. I don’t remember his full tie in with the show but there he was.

Neil and I had always meant to go Fluke fishing together and never did. Neil used to keep a small freshwater rod there in the studio and would go fish in the creek beyond their parking area in Cranford. It was just since New Year’s that Neil and I found each other again. I’m out here in Bucks County and he was Northwest of me out in Reading, PA.

I’m going to miss Neil – I’m glad that I knew him. I was at his Wedding with my ex wife just the day after severe thunderstorms and tornadoes rolled through Westfield blocking all the roads and taking out the power just the day before. I was glad to see Kelley in Facebook and Gia and Taz… (his daughters) – I remember the toddlers but these are ladies now and are so recognizable to me. Very pretty women. They look like their Mom. 

It’s a shame that it takes something horrible to bring out the good memories. I had unfinished business with Neil and I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing now… drawing everyday… it was some starfish today… I’m glad that I knew and had the chance to work with Neil. He’ll be missed. Somewhere, somehow – he’s out there “making the donuts…”

March 04, 2014   12:22:14 AM

Last weekend we went to Cape May Point…

Bought five Starfish and a Sand Dollar at Sunset Beach and have a few drawings going from them. My Starfish are of the “sugar” variety and after close observation I can see that they are covered with tiny tooth-like points set in a pattern on their backs and on their arms. They have bumps that have the raised tooth-like projection dead center on them.  I’m fascinated by the way that five keeps being a natural sequence number. Five legs on a Starfish… Sand Dollars also have several patterns with five elements in their top centers. If you cut an Apple in half you can see that there is a five pointed star in the core cross-section. 

We made it back to Cape May Lighthouse just as it was getting dark. I shot some images with the camera resting on the roof of the van while I captured some nice uncompressed Tifs. Concerned that  I might have had some noise in the shadow areas… I turned on the camera’s noise reduction that processes the images again and smooths the possible static right out. The lighthouse beacon was on and rotating. Looked nice.

The best part of Cape May was that there was no snow cover there. We had at least a foot and a half of snow here at home and a fairly intense case of Cabin Fever underway. Yesterday, Thursday, we had a couple of unexpectedly loud claps of thunder and brilliant lightning along with some squalls that were part of a frontal passage. Today, Friday, there were some Severe Thunderstorms around and we had a flood advisory and another flood watch at the same time. We also had a Tornado Watch in effect all across the area. Chance of snow on Sunday night… and again on Tuesday and Wednesday… We’ll see. Once again – a heckuva Winter.

Oh yeah… The Cat pulled one of my Starfish onto the floor where Rudy the Westie decided that it must some sort of treat and ate half of it. The Cat loves to get the Dog in trouble when possible. The Westie doesn’t go up onto the tables – but the Cat… Gravity is just a concept to her. So in total… I have about five drawings on their way. Two Starfish, Ford Tractor at Churchville, miscellaneous animals and a historic building in Newtown, PA.

February 21, 2014    10:52:15 PM


Yes… We have another big piece of weather…

The records broke today in Philly. Four six-inch plus snowstorms in one winter… The Lady Cardinal just looks down at this mess and is glad that Bill is stocking the big bird feeder with Nyjer (thistle seed) that the finches love. Takes 20 pounds of the grass seed sized seeds. High in quick burst calories, it warms the little guys up for flight and keeps them warm. Snow, sleet and rain then back to snow – more snow with a Clipper on Saturday. Bird Air Traffic Control must be very busy… Valentine’s Week Continues.  February 13, 2014   4:16:04 PM

Lady Bird (c)2014 William Cauffiel Beauchamp

… again

Yes it is Winter for sure. I heard yesterday that throughout 5 affected counties here in Pennsylvania there were still maybe 35,000 customers without electricity. Worst of the remaining outages remained in Chester County followed by Montgomery County and last but not least… there were still outages here in Bucks County. Unfortunately, the National Weather Service has today issued a Winter Storm Watch involving up to two feet of snow – ice storm possibilities and even standard old rain and wind. Whatever we get and however much of it will start on Wednesday PM (day after tomorrow). Not looking forward to it too much. We went to get special food mixture for the Sun Conure yesterday at Bird Paradise in Burlington, NJ and while we were there a gentleman brought in his large Parrot as they still didn’t have power. Tropical creatures need warmth. So do we. We all have damaged utilities and damaged foliage… now that we have electrical normalcy to a point… what happens if it all goes down again? Not a pleasant thought. We are in a salt crisis in this area. It’s gone. We’re out of salt and we got another 2 inches of snow last night.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed as to it being simple snow and not too much of it at once. No matter what – we’re going to have snow cover here for a good while in the Northeast. Stay safe. Plan ahead.  February 11, 2014  12:02:14 AM.   Valentines’s week.

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